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Syndicated Radio Network

      A Funk Above The Rest

  The Funkiest Show On Radio!

A Funk Above The Rest (Home Of The International Funk Out) is “screaming and streaming” all over the airwaves! Hosted by Skip The Funktologist, the show is a perfect mixture of funk & soul music (with tidbits of other genres spiced in) from the past to the present by both  

major & independent artists. One of the many enjoyable aspects of the show is its natural, real, and personal feel! The way radio should sound! Trivia questions, mystery artists, interviews with major, independent artists, and on air giveaways, are also popular features of the show. In today’s commercial radio climate, whatever happened to the music? A Funk Above The Rest does radio the way radio is supposed to be done. It is informative, fun, and funky! Instead of repeating the same songs over and over – we’re leading the way in new music discovery! Listen in and win CD’s, DVD’s, tickets to concerts, as well as other great prizes! Home base for The Funkiest Show On Radio is Sparkx Radio Network, which is a part of the IHEART & SPOTIFY Radio Networks reaching upwards of 200 million listeners. Skip also hosts Dusty Grooves & Sleepless Nights at KGNU 88.5FM/1390AM & streaming at A Funk Above The Rest was the one and only official promoter of The After After Party Compilation CD sponsored by The Arkiteks Music Group and McDonalds. We are also, the only Radio Show in the whole United States of America sponsored by Funky Town Grooves Record Label based out of London England. We were an official promoter of Motown’s 50th Year Anniversary Celebration for 2009 (Universal Motown) and were featured on Channel 9 News (news leaders in the Denver market) that same year! In addition to hosting A Funk Above The Rest, Skip also hosts and is a coproducer of the award winning TV show “The Funk Chronicles” which is filmed in Dayton OH.  In association with SJR Media Group Entertainment, Sparkx Radio Network, Serious Music Group, and other affiliate agencies, we release music compilation projects, promote, contract artists, organize concerts and festivals, and support various other artistic expressions!

                  A Funk Above The Rest – The Funkiest Show On Radio!

                                  You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Like It!

A Funk Above The Rest is the most unique R&B show broadcasting in the 21st century! Its format is like no other in that it features the productions of both major & independent artists, side by side in a mixture of funk and soul music, with so much of it, you have never heard!

The show’s uniqueness is honored in the fact that A Funk Above The Rest is the only radio program in all of America that Funky Town Grooves, a reissue label based in London England sponsors!

1.  Your taste and judgment in music is impeccable to say the least ...

     Randy Mahon (Artist coordinator, Funky Town Grooves Record Label)

2.  Bruce E. Gipson ... two of the best hours on Denver radio: Skip Reeves' "A       Funk Above the Rest" show ... 9pm-11pm every Sat  night…

3.  In honor of my 14 yr old son who has autism, he loves the music!

      He dances when he hears it. He does not do this with other radio shows.       He loves the funk!  This show is my favorite Saturday night event!       Kimberly  Sedalia, Co

The show is internationally syndicated airing, streaming, and podcasting on both terrestrial and digital networks around the globe, either live or in its prerecorded format. Host “Skip The Funktologist” does not follow the commercial approach to radio as do other stations and or personalities. “You will not catch repeater radio’s disease during this broadcast”.

For a good time of great music, listen in and enjoy!

                             A LOCAL FEEL - INTERNATIONAL APPEAL


A Funk Above The Rest is delivered “live” and in “prerecorded” formats to both terrestrial and digital broadcast stations nationally and internationally! We’re revolutionizing urban R&B radio! You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Like It!          

    A Funk Above The Rest

The Funkiest Show On Radio


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Protect everything that matters to you

Skip “The Funktologist” Reeves

Is an Ambassador for

The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center

Celebrity Funky Feelings

Listen in to hear celebrities rate new songs

Saturday’s 9pm - 11pm MST

Tues & Sat  8pm - 10pm PST  -  

Sunday’s 2pm - 4pm  EST     -

Sparkx TV YouTube Channel

A Funk Above The Rest - Radio/Media Podcast - 24/7

                              Skip The Funktologist host's

                        Dusty Grooves (classic funk & soul)  

                          every 1st  Friday of each month

                                  9:00pm - 11:00pm  MST      

              KGNU    Boulder / Denver    88.5 FM / 1390 AM


                              Sleepless Nights

                           The 4th Thurs of each month

                              12:00am - 3:00am  MST

              KGNU    Boulder / Denver    88.5 FM / 1390 AM




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Eat For A Week!

Listen in for your chance to win our “Eat For A Week” Contest

One winner each month will win gift certificates to eat at local area restaurants and redeem groceries at a local area supermarket.           Listen in February 9th

                     A Funk Above The Rest

The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center


Podcasts at:

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